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About surflook was started at around the turn of the century by founder James Dalton.
The family loves surfing and have over 150 combined years of surfing, swimming and lifeguarding / lifesaving experience with surf trophys dating back to the 1960’s.

La Jolla Cove 1998 El Nino big waves

Some of the family in a 1998 issue of Surfer magazine watching and participating in the big el nino surf at La Jolla cove in southern California.

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The surflook family are 3rd generation California natives that have lived between the Hawaiian islands and California.

HJD surfing in Hawaii 2005

HJD surfing in Hawaii in 2005 on youtube

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Surflook News


“I have developed a new way of predicting wave heights to within less than 1′ standard deviation for a 9 day period based on what I capture from the data dump of numerous ocean buoys.

Data is massaged in microsoft excel and charted for over a weeks worth of data. My method uses less extrapolation and more data. For now I am working with data and creating graphs for the area along San Diego, Ca coast and analyzing the results. Time permitting I will post and share this data and work on a method of sharing this data with the public.”

– James Dalton has its eye on new technology that could revolutionize surf reporting. Reporting could model exactly how, when, and what part of the beach a set of waves will break.



Hananiah James Dalton
Hananiah James Dalton