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Surflook mobile content

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View surflook mobile content free with your cell phone at Supports basic as well as advanced touch browsers (iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, Pre) and is also backward compatible with older mobile devices with a display optimized for each.
*Standard mobile wireless rates apply for your cell phone plan.

Surflook is working on optimizing the mobile site and improvements will be in the lineup for the future.
The main url for surflook ( will sense and default to a mobile friendly browser view when you connect from a mobile phone as well but most content is not optimal for mobile viewing from the main site.

mobile surf reports surf website

Surflook mobile surf website surf report


2 Responses to “Surflook mobile content”
  1. Barry Revell says:

    it is unclear as to how to get this on my phone

  2. admin says: also works. We had it set up so that the website automatically senses phones and displays optimized to that phone but some folks wanted to be able to see the original site on their tablets etc. so made separate site @ We will be improving on that as well in the future.

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